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Default Re: What are you listening to?

Originally Posted by PlasmaCannonsRule View Post
Again I say, all DragonForce fans need to listen to a Blind Guardian, Helloween, or HammerFall song (preferably Blind Guardian); almost infinitely better than DragonForce. I recommend "Otherland", "The Script to My Requiem", or "Into The Storm" as a quick cure to DragonForce addiction.
Dont really like Dragonforce, I just like through the fire and flames,

Originally Posted by NeedBrains View Post
Can't tell for sure, but do you hear new songs via Guitar Hero and Much Music? Because I find 90% of the songs on that list cringe-worthy. You're missing out on a lot of good music if you stick to the mainstream.

Try Youtubing a few of these bands: 3 Inches Of Blood, Arch Enemy, Artillery, Avantasia, The Aquabats, Be Your Own Pet, Behemoth, Black Tide, Flee The Seen, GWAR, Iwrestledabearonce, Job For A Cowboy, Kalmah, Kreator, Lordi, Manowar, Mudvayne, Nuclear Assult, Oh Sleeper, Testament, The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Vader, Venom.

I'm not saying what you listen to is "wrong" or "bad", but if you know very few or none of the listed bands, it's probably time to expand your musical horizons IMO.
I normally just listen to the radio for new music, if i get the chance to, i go on pandora, and basically listen to Alternerative.

Oh and also, There are some songs that i do like to listen to, but dont have the mp3 for, but 1 came to mind that I HAD to put up.
Float On - Modest Mouse.
Good Memories.

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