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Default Computer Help (Nintendo Wi-Fi Dongle)

First of all: I don't have the installation CD for my Nintendo WiFi USB Dongle thing. It was lost during a move. Okay, so I couldn't connect to the internet on my Wii, because my WiFi USB connector wouldn't recognize the Wii or something. Even though I thought it was just an interference problem, Nintendo tech support told me to reinstall my USB connector software. OK. I did the first step of their instructions, and it worked fine. The second step, however, WANTED ME TO INSERT MY CD. I didn't have it, and therefore, it turned out I was in trouble. My WiFi connector was stuck partially uninstalled. I couldn't use it, but since there were still residual files or something, I couldn't install the new version! I tried installing it anyway, and I got a "connection sharing error type 6" or something like that, to do with connection sharing. And NOW, my system tray has a big warning, saying that my LAN or something is broken (I don't even have a LAN!) I don't know if it was there before the whole incident or not, but it's getting we worried, as well as already being in a rage because I can never get internet on my Wii. I can connect to the internet fine, but I think that might not be true for much longer! Anyone who can help me with the Wii problem - or even help me with this cryptic error - would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and Nintendo tech support doesn't help.

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