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Default "9" Review

First of all, to all parents, do NOT go to this movie with kids <8. not because of sexual themes, not because of swearing, not even because of blood. The reason is, unlike advertised 100% in the trailers, this movie does extremely well in getting under your skin and making you as creeped out and disturbed as you can possibly be. On the other hand, this also a masterpiece that must be seen, as the execution of everything is done brilliantly. Even though it is an extremely creepy movie (and an extremely creepy robot/worm/doll death which I won't explain, you have to see it!) It also does well at placing bits and shreds of dark humor inbetween, to lighten up the mood a little. One great example is when the giant spider drone is chasing one of the sackboys stichpunks over a hill while "Somewhere over the rainbow" from wizard of Oz plays.

Anyways, I'll rate it 9.5/10 + movie of the year. the only thing I didn't like how 9 caught on to things before the audeice did.

I'll warn you again, don't go if you are easily scared.
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