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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is leesoer, well on this site anyway. My real name is Erik. Erik Leeson. I use the name leesoer because in computer class at my high school, they assign us usernames. The user name consists of a small amount of your last name and a small amount of your first name, and the last 2 digits of the year you graduate in. My username was 13leesoer!

2013 (the year I graduate in) Leeson (My last name) and Erik (My first name)

Anyways...I just stick to that name when I go on forums. Feel free to call me Erik or leesoer, it doesn't matter!

I love soccer and volleyball. I am a huge fan of videogrpahy and graphic arts. Things like game designer, screen printing, website designing and flash video making all appeal to me. I am also very good at learning to use the programs necessary for doing those things. Unfortunately, I am very impatient and always bail out on projects of mine. I tried to make my website, and I ditched it. I tried to make a flash video, then ditched it. Same goes for game design and more. I just keep starting thing, anticipating the final result, and then quitting before I get that far.

I have been on Hamumu for as long as I can remember. I played Dr. Lunatic on a 1,001 demos disc. I went onto the site and downloaded every game, but Dr. Lunatic was my favorite. I remember going on Hamumu everyday for like 6 months waiting for a new Hamumu game. I remember seeing SWC the day it game out. I was so young and I couldn't afford it. Now that I'm a teenager I just buy prepaid credit cards to get stuff online. I got SWC and I'm hooked.

My goal is to make lots of worlds for SWC to help continue the Hamumu community. I would also love to become a second world tester guy, but that doesn't seem very likely.
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