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Cool Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Har har, it is Me, HappyStikBeaver, aka Ben. I live in California, but sadly not close to Jamul. I play volleyball and football. I love BEAVERS(obviously) and also kiwi birds and cats. I have two cats that are awesome, and I also have Sea-Monkeys. I collect PEZ and go to the PEZ convention. Right now, I have over 250, two worth over 100 dollars each! I also like Lego and Re-Ment (fake miniature Japanese food). I found Hamumu from Spooky Castle in e-Games and have played ever since. I have Supreme and Sleepless Hollow, although right now I need to show I actualy have them... Das eeis mee! Yes, I also like to draw, and I play the violin.

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