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Default Hamupload!

Had this idea a while back, and when October came around I thought I might as well do it for BHE. Except part-way through the month a load of other stuff fell on top of me and basically, it's not done.

Hamupload is a free image/file sharing site, purely for Hamumu-related stuff. You don't have to register or anything, though if you do you can more easily keep track of things you've uploaded, and in future rename and delete them and stuff. No adverts, just lots of green things and half-finishedness.

Biggest hole in it is that file downloads are tricky and confusing. They still work, but you need to right-click the link, select 'save target as', and make sure you enter the right filename.

Hopefully it should be useful to someone at least, and I'll try to finish it soon... (Which admittedly usually means ages in my case.)
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