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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Chaucer. I'm 13, and I've been on these forums for around six years now.

My first Hamumu game was the old Spooky Castle: Kid Mystic, which I received as a gift from a friend when I was five. At that time, I didn't know who made it, though. Then, on my seventh birthday, I got the old Loonyland, which is still one of my favorite Hamumu games. I got Dr. Lunatic a few weeks later, and finally for Christmas got SWC, which roxxor'd my soxxorz, or something of equal value. I became an active forum member around this time, and, after a few absences of anything from weeks to a little over a year, have gotten to where I am today.

Thank you for reading.
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