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Default Hamumu Marketplace

I know there was an old thread like this, but "Necromancer" is not on my list of possible careers.

Anyways, this is a place to offer your services to other Hamumuians, whether its for Yerfbucks, monsters, or free. It is also a place to ask for assistance- if you have something you want done (for example, SWC tiles, or perhaps music), PM me and I'll add it to the "request list." This "Request List" will show what services are needed by other Hamumuians. It will have the username of who needs that service, a short description of the service, and how much is being offered for it. It will also say if you need to PM that person for more information.

Services Being Offered:
__________________________________________________ _____________________
|Service__________|Description__________________|Us er_____________|YBs|
|Music Composing|Creation of music to use in------|SonicChaos1993---|25+|
|(Hamumu Only)__|Hamumu projects.____________|________________|___|
|Music Composing|Creation of music to use in any|SonicChaos1993_|50+|
|(Free Use)________|projects._____________________|______ _________|___|
|Sound FX Creation|Creation of Sound Effects._____|SonicChaos1993|10_|
|SWC Tile Creation_|Creaton of SWC Tiles._________|SonicChaos1993|25+|
|Excel Spreadsheets|Creation of Excel Spreadsheets.|SonicChaos1993|30+|
|_________________|Ex.: Profit Tracking Sheets, etc._|_______________|____|
|Formatting------------|Formatting of documents such|SonicChaos1993|20+|
|_________________|as memos, letters, tables, etc._|_______________|____|
|Request Stories------|Request the writing of short------|SonicChaos1993|15+|
|_________________|stories and fanfictions.________|_______________|____|
|Level Creation____|Creation of levels and hubs in_|bowserfan_____|5/lv|
|_________________|SWC, LL/LL2, and Kid Mystic.___|_______________|___|
|Sprites___________|Spriting- a random object for 5|happystickman_|5-10|
|_________________|or a specific one for 10YBs.____|_______________|____|
|Music (Short Loop)|Composing of short music loops|moltanem2000|10-20|
|Music (Full Song)__|Composing of a full song_____|moltanem2000_|>60_|
|Level Creation___|Level creation for worlds______|yourter12_______|30+|
|Flash Creation___|Creation of something in Flash_|Blackduck_____|varies|
|________________|CS4._________________________|__ _____________|____|
|MSPaint Drawing_|A drawing made using MSPaint|Reccer6_______|5-15_|
|Picture Merging__|Putting together many images|ElMikkino_______|10+_|
|________________|in a cool fashion. (See link below|_____________|_____|
|Photoshop______|Photoshop almost anything____|seamonkey____|varies|
|CP Walkthroughs|Video walkthrough of a CP Level|PumpkinEater|3-6___|

Request List:
A sprite of Punk Bunny from the front and side, made by HSM, 32x32. (ElMikkino)

So, if you want your service to be added here, PM me or post here with the name of the service, a SHORT description, and how much YBs it costs. You don't need to PM me and post.

If you want to request a service, PM me or post here, and I'll put it on the Request List.

Also, if you send Yerfbucks to somebody and they DON'T send you the promised service, or if you make something for somebody else and they don't pay you as promised, PM me. Hopefully this won't happen!

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