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Default *Yukigo Kurosaki steps nervously back into the room*

(Note... all of this is Fursona info.)

*He strides over, bare pads hardly making a sound. His tail swishes a few times, clearing whatever dust that may lay there into the air. His expression is set upon a deep blush, red showing through the blue vulpine fur on his muzzle.* "Um... good... afternoon everyone... I'm not sure if you remember me... I... uh, used to be known as The Ninja of Frozen Milk.

*He steps back a couple of steps.* "I'm really sorry I haven't came in awhile, I discovered the joy and wonder of the Furry Fandom recently. And when my computer broke in December, my preferred furry site that I am not inclined to name went online. So... I went there and never really looked back. I thought of hamumu, I even met a fur who went to hamumu there.

He takes a seat on a couch, his blue fur glistening in the light. "I don't know why I never came back. Maybe I was just too busy. I'm a commissioned writer now, so I always have work." He leans back. "I'm no longer the NoFM you know, my name is now Yukigo Kurosaki. I'm a 17 year old blue fox with a longer and bushier tail than normal, I have a mate and... um..." *He blushes heavily.* "...a child with her." *He shakes his head* "But enough of that, I won't mention my job as a fur, as I fear it isn't appropriate." *He chuckles* "So... what did I miss? I assume a lot, but you never really know."

"Oh, and if you wanted to Email me, my new email is Thank you so much for listening, please, *********"
I am not here anymore alas. Anyone is welcome to IM me or email me, my Skype is Yukigo_Kurosaki
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