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Default Avatar RPG

WARNING: Long instructions ahead!
Welcome to Avatar RPG! In this you go around completing quests and defeating mighty monsters. But there are RULES! Yeah.
AVATAR STUFF: This is an explanation on why this is called Avatar RPG. Your avatar is YOU! Your avatar symbolizes what weapons, armors, pets and special starter skill you have. You can always change your stuff by buying stuff at the yerfshop. You get a special starter skill depending on your avatar.
SKILLS AND AP: Of course, you get skills. BUT NOT BY LEVELING UP! AP is the key to getting skills. You use AP in the mad skillz shop. You get AP usually by completing a quest or defeating a boss. In the mad skillz shop, you have to pay for skills with AP. More powerful skills cost more AP.
HP AND MP: Hp is, obviously, your life. Need i say more? You use MP in order to use skills. MP recharges at safe points.
SAFE POINTS: Safe points are like villages in LL2. Usually in safe points, you can gain HP and MP, talk to people and gain quests and buy stuff at the mad skillz shop.
LEVELING UP: Even though you don`t gain skills by leveling up, you gain HP, MP and your equipment levels up. To level up, you need EXP. EXP is gained after every battle.
LEVELING UP EQUIPMENT: As well as you leveling up, your equipment and pets do too! Your equipment and pets can reach a maximum level of 3.
IN COMBAT: In combat, you can do 3 things:
1. Attack with a normal attack or skill
2. Heal with any healing abilities you might have
3. RUN AWAY!!! Only the person who wants to run away will. The fleeing party member will rejoin the group after the battle.
Post what you want to do. Once everyone has posted, i will post the round results. I act for the enemies.
ATTACK AND DEFENCE: Attack is very important. It is what damage you will deal on a normal attack. Defence is what you take off of an attack`s damage.
EXPLORING THE WORLD: To explore, post if you want to enter a building, move to another point on the map or investigate the area you`re in.
EXAMPLE CHARACTER: Here is an example character, Pumpkineater:
Pumpkineater Level 5
HP: 23/23 MP 15/15
ATK:9 DEF:11 AP:2
Crown (Level 2. +4 DEF)
Boboil Armor (Level 1. +2 DEF)
Boboil Shield (Level 2. +3 DEF)
Boboil Blade (Level 1. +3 ATK)
Missile (Level 1. +4 ATK)
Eat (1 MP. 3 Damage. Target cannot move next turn.)
Cheese On Toast (2 MP. 5 Damage.)
Multi-Slash (3 MP. 3 damage. This action will continue for 2 turns. You cannot move until then.)
Body Slam ( 5 MP. 5 damage. Target cannot move next turn.)

Pet Bat Level 1
HP: 10/10 MP 5/5
ATK: 3 DEF: 3
Bat Dive (1 MP. 4 Damage.)
Drain (3 MP. Steal 4 HP.)

So that`s it! There are five slots open. I will post stats after all the players have signed up.
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