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Pumpkineater Level 1
HP: 10/10 MP 5/5
ATK:9 DEF:8 AP:0
Crown (Level 1. +2 DEF)
Boboil Armor (Level 1. +2 DEF)
Boboil Shield (Level 1. +2 DEF)
Boboil Blade (Level 1. +3 ATK)
Missile (Level 1. +4 ATK)
Eat (1 MP. 3 Damage. Target cannot move next turn.)
EXP 0/10

Pet Bat Level 1
HP: 10/10 MP 5/5
ATK: 3 DEF: 3
Bat Dive (1 MP. 4 Damage.)
Drain (3 MP. Steal 4 HP.)
EXP 0/10

sorry for removing most of the skills, but that was only for the can buy them back at the mad skillz shop. you still have eat because that`s your special starter skill.
also, it only seems fair that i should do Pewskeepski`s stats too:

Pewskeepski Level 1
HP 10/10 MP 5/5
ATK 6 DEF 7 AP:0
Bandana (level 1.+1 DEF)
Penguin Fluff (Level 1.+2 DEF)
Dark Sword (Level 1.+2 ATK)
Dark Shield (Level 1.+2 ATK and DEF)
Pengy Powaa (1 MP. 3 Damage to all enemies)
EXP 0/10

Mini-Penguin Pet Level 1
HP 10/10 MP 5/5
Peckzorz (1 MP. 2 Damage to one enemy for the next 2 turns. You cannot move until then.)
Feather Gun (2 MP. 5 Damage.)
EXP 0/10

Also, i`ve decided that the game will start. 3 More people can join at any time. I`ll post the beginning on a seperate post, as it seems i`m running out of room.

P.S If someone dies, they get revived at the next safe point. Pets cannot be revived, but you can buy them back for 4 AP in the mad skillz shop.
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