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Here we are!

Hammer Up! Level 1
HP 10/10 MP 5/5 AP 0
ATK 12 DEF 2
Shuriken (Level 1. +2 ATK.)
Shuriken (Level 1. +2 ATK.)
Shuriken (Level 1. +2 ATK.)
Missile (Level 1. +4 ATK.)
Optical Illusion (1 MP. Target cannot do anything next turn. All allies present gain +2 ATK and DEF next turn.)
EXP 0/10

Pet Venusian (x2) Level 1
HP 10/10 MP 5/5
Eye Lazor (1 MP. 4 Damage.)
Tentacle Attack (2 MP. 4 Damage and target cannot move next turn.)

HU is in the village, like everyone else. Read other post to know where everything is.
Tropical Trouble - 100%! Hooray!!!
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