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Default Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever "woken up" in a dream... without actually waking up? In other words, have you ever been in the middle of a dream when your mind wakes up and realizes that it's dreaming but your body doesn't. If you have, you know that it's really cool. You can do anything and everything you ever wanted, manipulating every one of your senses at a whim. Or maybe you've had a spiritual experience during a dream, where you felt like you received a message from God, felt a certain oneness with the universe, or saw scenes from a past life?

Some people claim that lucid dreaming is your mind wandering into a different spiritual dimension. Others claim it is simply a controlled firing of neutrons during sleep. Either way, it's a very cool experience. Have you ever wondered, however, if you could have these lucid dreams any time you wanted? Well, you can. It's called lucidology, and it's a topic Moontrousers and i have recently became very intrigued with. I found this website, which is a compilation of pretty much everything a casual dreamer would want to know about lucid dreaming, along with a friendly forum much like ours except dedicated to lucidology instead of Dumb Games(TM):

This site is 100% free to use, although they do sell a few instructional books and films, all the basic knowledge you need to lucid dream is available for free on the website. The books and films are just for people who want more in-depth scientific info on the subject. I know this may look like an ad, but I'm simply very excited about the topic. There are tons of reasons why:

1. I'm a bit of an insomniac. Insomnia, for those who don't know, is difficulty falling asleep or entering REM sleep. Some basic techniques for rapidly falling asleep are listed, and the WILD technique specializes in quickly falling straight from full conciousness into REM sleep.

2. A lot of religious experiences occur in partially lucid dreams. For atheists this probably doesn't mean a lot, but it does have meaning to some agnostics and most people of any faith.

3. It is a good place to imagine. A lot of great works of art, whether they be paintings, poetry, or music, were actually written inside a dream, sometimes a lucid dream.

4. If you get good at the RC method or the MILD method, you can go from a nightmare to a lucid dream, allowing you to conquer your fears, either physically dominating them or reconcile yourself with them using the Power of Love. And it don't take money, fame, or a credit card to ride that train.

5. It's fun! Flying, shapeshifting, slaying dragons and demons, traveling the universe, pulling pranks on teachers and bosses, and communicating with your soul are all possible in a lucid dream. I have personally tried shapeshifting in one of the two lucid dreams I've had, and it does actually feel like you are in a different body.

So, I have not yet recently mastered any of these methods. Moontrousers got a hold of them pretty quickly, but he has the ability to quickly calm his mind and phase out that I don't. I intend to try and try until I succeed with WILD, and once I get back into a sleep schedule (summer break has thrown mine completely off) I'll definitely try WBTB.

If you're wondering what all those weird terms are, here's a basic description (you could also look on the site linked to earlier)

MILD- Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream. Training one's subconcious to wake itself up in a dream.

WILD- Wake Induced Lucid Dream. Purposely putting oneself in sleep paralysis to go directly to REM without ever losing conciousness.

WBTB- Wake Back To Bed. Waking up early to interrupt one's sleep schedule, staying up for around an hour, and then going back to bed and using a form of MILD. Generally found to be the most effective method if you can make time for it.

RC- Reality Check. Training one's subconciousness during the day to check for things that are consistent in the real world but may not be in a dream world. Attempting to puncture one's palm with one's finger, attempting to telepathically lift objects, checking digital clocks for foreign symbols, and flipping light switches are common checks.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I have not mastered any of these methods, although I've tried WILD multiple times. I learned some new techniques for it, so hopefully those will work tonight. Anyhow, feel free to discuss anything and everything about lucid dreaming in this thread.
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