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Default Re: What the heck is this :O

Aw shucks, you discovered us out Yellow Wizard, operation JAMOLLUSKES"S"S"S" has been underway for many a year under the supervision of Wayne the Elk. Its original intention was to defeat the vile Bacon OverLord, but I do suppose that will never happen now since you revealed our schemes to the whole world.

The PMs were a series of tests to make sure you weren't affiliated with the BACON OVERLORD, thankfully you have all passed the test except one who will remain anonymous at this present time (But I will say that he has managed to infiltrate himself into the latest robot wants game). As I said, however, the plan has now failed, and the BACON OVERLORD is now sure to prevail, do not be alarmed, as thankfully this means bountiful bacon for all.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have pressing matters with the SECRETARY of STEAK.
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