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Default Re: Have you ever had a dream you wanted to forget?

I had a dream where me and some other kids were being fed to some giant sea monster by some guy. Me and the kinds formulated a plan: use the life boat! While someone was detracting the guy. The life boat you had to assemble for some reason. The guy could smell me or something, cause he came running in, the kid trying to stop him. He started screaming about how he had been "fair". He then decided he was going to feed all of us to the beast... which he was going to do anyway. Huh. Then we were at the sea monsters lair. Suddenly we were attacked by...morpheel. From twilight princess. Huh. Then we had a boss battle. the monsters weakpoint was its mouth. Lets just say I'm not good at video games.
In a later dream, I found out that all the kids in the world drew slips from a hat to feed the big eel. I also found some back story to it. The eel would destroy the world if it was hungry.
The End.

I is evil! hahahahaha!!!
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