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Default "Boneheads' news with Boneheads1999" Segment #1

(I think I might do this regulary.. I dunno.. Just about new with me.)
Boneheads' news with...
Segment #1
I'm working on a Fan-fiction website. You (hopefully) will be able to make Fiction storys on it. I hope it turns out good.
I think It might be called "Fiction World" or something like that. If so, the link would be ""

I am tired. lulz.

Today I was doing the Dishes for my Mom, when I asked my dad for help, I was telling my dad how I made an account on Hamumu for my Friend, Nick (MrBlack on hamumu), And this was our conversation:
ME: Today I was talking with Nick, and he was watching me making a Post on Hamumu, and he said he wanted an account. So I was thinking, "Cool... I could get 5% more awesome if I refer him and help him get 25% awesomeness...YA LETS DO DIS THING" and made him an account.
DAD: On Hamumu, Aren't you not aloud to make more then one account per person?
ME: ... It's HIS account, not mine.
DAD: Isn't the way the guy (He means Jamul) does it is If more then one person on one IP Address make an Account, He'll ban them both?
ME: ... noooooo.... How else would I make Eric's (Wedxzas on Hamumu!) Account? Everybody know Jamul sneaks through your webcam just to check. And if there's no webcam, He's watching... *Me slowly walks away...*
DAD: Hmm...
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