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Default Hamumu Mafia Rules Thread

Since the Old Thread You need to wade through to find the rules I'm reposing the final ones for better support. This thread should be posted in only to correct or change the rules. Please.

Official Mafia Rules

These rules may be changed by the host, as long as the general idea of them is followed.
  1. Day and night limits have to be set. This means setting a time limit (72 hours for day, 48 for night for example) and sticking to it as well as you can. These time limits may not be less than 24 hours, and at least 24 hours must pass before Night ends.
  2. The number of games going at simultaneously should be sufficient to accommodate the number of players who wish to play. Anybody may sign up for a game in the officially designated sign-up thread for that mafia game. You may replace an inactive player in a game if you so choose, but to replace you need to be dead in the game you signed up for and not know any crucial information not known publicly.
  3. Game sizes should accommodate the number of players who wish to play, without being so large as to be unmanageable. If a surplus of members wish to play, a second game should be created.
  4. The set of games after the previous set is finished should be started at roughly the same time as each other, and approximately 24 hours after the previous set of games ended. If one game is not close to finishing and the other is finished, then the person with the next game may start theirs.
  5. At the same time signups for the next game(s) should be posted. Signups must have the word 'Signups' in their title to distinguish them from the actual game.
  6. Approximately 25% of the players in any game should be Mafia. If there are three extra players, you may include one extra mafia as long as the mafia is weakened or the town has extra power roles.
  7. Other than communication i) between a player and the host ii) between players assigned a Mafia role and iii) between players assigned a Mason type role, all communication should occur in the thread. Any conversation any other way may result in modkilling, or if it's in the Hamchat, it should be posted in the thread by somebody reading it and the host may decide if the player is modkilled.
  8. Players may claim their role if they want, but they may not i) Quote their role PM or ii) Give away the role of somebody else they learned as a direct result of their role(i.e. Mafia cannot give away Mafia, Masons cannot give away Masons, but cops can give guilty or innocent or other roles may give what they learn by using their ability)
  9. At the discretion of the host, players will be allowed to have a "Last Gasp" when they die. This is one final post, after which the player may not post again. The player may not break any rules in this gasp (e.g. giving away who the members of the Mafia are).
  10. Dead players or people who are not in the game should not post any game related ideas. If you've been killed you can't give your opinion, or if you decided not to play the game you can't try to play.
  11. Hosts need to be around for their game. It is recommended that you find a co-host for your game in case you suddenly are unable to complete your duties as host for any reason without being able to find a replacement after the game has started.
  12. Hosts must not give any game information away other than what is required for people's roles. For example, you may not congratulate the cop, but you may tell the cop that the person they're inspecting is good or evil.
  13. Hosts need to be approved to host a game. This is done by posting three examples of good gameplay in the Official Host Signup Thread and having an experienced host approve you.
  14. Anybody may post vote tallies if the host is not around, or ask the host questions about tallies or other information that has been posted that may not be correct.
  15. Hosts must send a PM to everybody playing the game. It helps to solve confusion about roles or inclusion in the game. You can use the BCC feature to send the exact same message to up to 5 people.
  16. Editing your posts is inadvisable - it may make players think you have something to hide, and mafia should be played like a real life game - once you say something in real life you can't take it back.
  17. Most importantly, Have Fun! Mafia is a game to be enjoyed by everybody playing, if you have any problems with the game talk to the host about it and it can be fixed.
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