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I feel that, though the forums aren't dying, they are separating from the game company we all know and love. Looking at the conversations, threads and chattings from the past months, I notice very little of it is actually about anything to do with this site. I fear that if this keeps up, we may end up completely dislodging from the other four buttons up there...

We need to bring life back to this side of Hamumu, and I think we all need to pitch in to do it. I'm willing to devote my time and effort to the cause, at least for the moment. We need to do something big, something to bring us back down to earth and make us play our old games ounce more! But I just can't think of a way to do it. Last time we did this, it was in the chat, and Hamplat was the result. But a semi-sekrit game with ideas from a chatroom half empty of people may not have been it. We as a community need to helpm to pitch in our ideas and try and find how we can bring Hamumu Forums back as a gaming community!

So, who's with me?
Back to the roots: Lets put the Hamumu back into Hamumu Forums!
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