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Default Hamumu Forums: The Animated Short

I am going to start working on an Animated little TV Show-type-of-thing based off of Hamumu Forums. First, I need people to say they want to be in this thing.

I already have a few people in mind for one of my episodes.

Boneheads1999 (Blonde hair, Blue Eyes)
Spacemaniac (Brown hair, ??? Eyes, w/ Glasses)
Calthax (Short Brown Hair, Green Eyes)
HappyStikBeaver (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Tall)
YellowWizard (Brown Hair, Blue-green Eyes, w/ Tan Cap)
Texasjoshua (Blonde Afro Hair, Blue Eyes, w/ Black Watch, Tall)
Bunnybot5000 (Brown Hair, ??? Eyes, w/ Blue Glasses, & Dark Blue Watch [right hand])

(Remember, ANYONE can sign up to appear in these episodes)

I COULD do all the voices myself, but it would be good if some people could sign up for voice acting, also.

Voice Actors:
Boneheads1999 (Voice of: Boneheads1999, Calthax)
Texasjoshua (Voice of: Texasjoshua, HappyStikBeaver)
SpaceManiac (Voice of: Spacemaniac)
YellowWizard (Voice of: YellowWizard)

It would be good if some people could help me with a few scenes, too.
All that's needed is Windows 7, and the new MSPaint. Ohand MSkillz.


Script Writers:

That's all the jobs I can think of right now, but I might put up some more later.
Remember, Everyone is gonna be in the ending credits IF they sign up for something above. You don't have to do anything really when signing up for Actors.

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