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Default The New OFFICIAL Mafia Hosting Sign-Up Thread (READ 1st POST!)

So you want to host a mafia game here on Hamumu? That's awesome, since mafia here is run by the community and dedicated hosts help this game survive. In order to make sure that our hosts have mafia experience and to prevent broken games, there are some requirements to host. Make sure you read them all before you sign up. Failure to do so will result in your post being ignored and silently ridiculed.

Hosting Requirements:
  1. In order to sign up, a potential host must have played through the majority of 3 games at the time he/she signs up.
  2. Upon signing up for the first time, a potential host must post 1-2 posts from each of the three games. These posts must show a full understanding and knowledge of the game works and display intelligent thought. Posts that are simply "Vote: Robot because he's a machine" or bandwagons do not display knowledge and understanding of the game and should not be posted as examples. Posts must be approved by an experienced host before a potential host can be added to the list.
  3. A host's name may only be on the list one time. This includes the game in progress--once your game has ended, you can sign up to host again.
  4. Hosts are required to be able to check on their game at least once a day. If you are unable to do so, you should get a co-host that can do so.
  5. Any game that is broken due to host error will result in the host being required to play 3 games before signing up again. A host that repeatedly host broken games may be required to have an experienced mafia host as a co-host or, in extreme cases, no longer allowed to host games. The 3-game penalty will also be given to lurking hosts, unless the circumstances that caused said lurking was beyond their control.
  6. Mafia players that object to a certain player being a mafia host should direct their objection, along with the reasoning and evidence behind it, to me via PM. If there is a case to not allow somebody to host, or to only allow them to host with an experienced host as a co-host, I will have the mafia community vote on the issue.
Remember, hosting a mafia game takes a lot of work. If you aren't willing to put the time into hosting and checking on your game, you may want to reconsider hosting a game.

Official Host List as of Right Now:
  • Sonicchaos1993 - 15 (Split-Screen Mafia) [In Progress]
  • Gigacat - 16 (Costume Party Mafia)[8-16]
  • Cheeselord - 17 (Webcomic mafia)
  • Julian - 18 (Lottery Mafia)
  • Mr. Onion - 19 (Electoral Reform Mafia)
  • texasjoshua- 20 (Truths and Spies Mafia) [8-16]
  • Megadog-21(Mental Mafia)
  • hyperme-22 (Madness Mafia)
  • Pewskeepski-23 (Cave Story Mafia)
  • Felixrain-24 (Cloud Mafia)
Please limit all discussion in this thread to requests for hosting and accepting/denying of qualifying posts. Debate and questions concerning the hosting sign-up rules should be taken to a different thread.

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