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Default A General Introduction to Hamumu Mafia (READ THIS FIRST)

Hi, and welcome to Hamumu! Since you're here, chances are you want to play or host a game of Mafia. This post will serve as a general introduction to Mafia itself and Mafia on Hamumu.

First off, Mafia is a game that is normally played by a group of people in real life. This kind of Mafia is generally incredibly fast-paced and may involve physical movement. (If you don't know how to play mafia, this guide will introduce you to it.) However, forum Mafia is played by people all over the world, who may need to work, go to school, or any myriad number of other things. Therefore, the first thing you need to know about Hamumu Mafia is that it is slow-paced. Night always lasts at least 24 hours, and often no lynch is required in the daytime. Furthermore, people don't normally post very often. If you don't like this idea, you probably won't enjoy playing Mafia here, but we welcome you to try!

Secondly, Mafia here is extremely variable. We tend to host differently themed games, and you may not know all the roles in them. If you have a role you've never heard of, the host should have explained it in your role PM, but if he didn't you can always ask. The information everybody gets is up to the host - you can get told all the roles in the game, or you can only be told yours. As well, games can often have different mechanics, such as my upcoming game that will allow people to influence the game with random chance. These games can turn out well, or they can blow up in the hosts's face - but it should always be fun for the player.

Finally, for potential hosts, you need to demonstrate that you know how we play before you can host a game. This involves playing in 3 games and showing us your best post from each of them. You can find more information in the official host signup thread.

Useful Links

I've locked this thread to keep down clutter. If it could be stickied, it would be useful for prospective mafia players. If you have any problems or additions to this, feel free to PM me and I'll get it changed.
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