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Yerfdog Brag Here, Everybody!

Hey everybody! Halloween is the best time of all time, so why not share some memories? Post your best Halloween memory here in this thread. True stories only!

I know not everybody celebrates Halloween, but that doesn't mean you don't have Halloween memories! Remember when you were little and you had to cover your eyes at the scary movie? Remember when you thought the creepy neighbor's house was haunted? These are Halloween memories!

There is of course a contest! But don't embellish or act crazy, the contest isn't for the best story. All you have to do is share a story (true, please!), and on October 30th, I'll draw a random name from everybody who posted a story. That person wins a random purple Monster Card!

P.S. You can post as many stories as you want, and you can reply to other peoples' stories and discuss them, but only people who post a true story will be entered in the drawing, and only one entry per person.

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