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Default HamFarm - A Hamumu Twist on Zombie games (BHE)

Ever image what would happen if you combined Dr. Lunatic, Plants vs. Zombies, every other zombie game in existence, and turned the zombies into pumpkins?

The answer: HamFarm.

HamFarm is a "tower-defense"-like strategy game. You must plant various types of plants to defend your base against the pumpkin horde for as long as possible.

Currently, the game has 3 maps, all with a grass theme (the map is randomly chosen when you select "Grass Stage" on the main menu), 3 types of plants, and 3 (technically 4) types of enemies. Whenever I have the time to work on this, I'll add more plants, monsters, and maps.

The game is almost entirely played with the mouse. Click on a tool that isn't greyed out on the toolbar to switch to that tool/plant (greyed out tools/plants are features not implemented yet). Once a tool is selected, click on a tile to use the tool on that tile.
To pause the game, press P. If things are getting too easy, hit L a couple times to increase the rate at which enemies spawn.

Plow: Must be used before planting. Costs 10 Yerfbucks/tile.
Shovel: Digs up a plant to make room for something else. Free.
Hammer Plant: Must be placed on a plowed tile. Costs 15 Energy and 50 Yerfbucks. This is your main offensive unit.
Pants Plant: Increases the rate of fire of your Hammer plants. Note that, although you can plant more than 4, the rate of fire doesn't increase after 4 plants. Costs 10 Energy and 35 Yerfbucks.
Power Plant: Increases your Energy by 50. Costs 25 Yerfbucks. Plant these so that you can plant more plants. Be sure to protect them though--if destroyed, you lose the energy bonus they gave, and your plants may become unpowered as a result.

Other Stuff:
Energy allows you to place and use plants. If your energy is less than 0, your plant's will be unable to fire.
Yerfbucks are generated by your base over time. Eventually, Power Plants will also give a slight bonus to YB generation, but they don't right now.

Pumpkins: Mindlessly charge the nearest friendly unit, and eat it until it dies. They have low HP, but can be devastating in large numbers. Spawns on grass.
Water Dragons: Okay, so they aren't pumpkins. However, their energy projectiles can quickly knock out plants and your base. Spawns in water.
Pyramid: Spawns Pumpkin Mummies. High HP, but has no offensive capability.
Pumpkin Mummy: Their only advantage is sheer numbers. They are easily smashed.


Known Bugs:
Pumpkins can run on water.
Very occasionally, plants will be stuck in the growing animation, and cannot be removed by any means.
Hammer plants will fire at a single enemy until it dies, even if another spawns closer.

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