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Default BHE Surprise

After all my talk about my BHE being broken it's finally... Sort of fixed...
Anyway, I recently decided to teach myself to use DarkBASICpro. So far so good I'd say, I started this making THIS game on the 27th, though I did use numerous bits of code from my previous test-run programs that I made when I was trying to figure out what stuff did.
(I've been slowly figuring it out over the past 2 months or so)

Anyway, this is what I've got so far. We'll call it a Beta:

Instructions at the bottom of the play window for now(not much there currently)
Only one level, no way to win (you can get 1500 score though)
No replay. If you hit y at the end if you died then you'll just go back to the game over screen.
If you want, you can edit the map file. It's located in the images. Just open up paint and go. The pumpkins are always at ground level, they are the orange dots on the map(pipette up that exact color, it's the red value that makes it work) The wall bits need any color with the red value being 0, and the green value is elevation.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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