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Default Re: Testing out a "Llano" based mobile AMD APU


Having just played Portal 2 for some time on the Llano PC, I'm even more impressed with the A8's on-die graphics. With All performance settings maxed out and 4xAA, the game ran smoothly with the frame rate only jumped very occasionally. It was playable on 8xAA as well, but there were more frame rate jumps and frame rate dropped more often.

Unfortunately I don't have exact FPS numbers to give, but overall, the A8's given one of the smoothest PC gaming experiences I've ever had. Later this week I'll probably install some more GPU-intensive games (namely Oblivion and Crysis) and see how those run. I'm fairly sure Crysis will be unplayable in higher detail settings, but who knows. So far, Llano keeps on surprising me.


Oblivion runs on native resolution (1366x76 and with all detail settings on high with only occasional FPS problems. Crysis is in the middle of installing now, so we'll see how that runs.

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