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Default Re: Political Compasses Where Do You Stand?

Originally Posted by Pumpkineater View Post
What do you mean we "lose" the Euro? The Euro is one of the main things that destroyed our economy. A strong currency has to come with a strong production. Otherwise it will and has crippled the economy. While the Euro would accurately represent the German economy, it suffocates the Greek one.
You do realize that without the Euro Greece will to issue a new currency? And doing that without a okay economy is rather difficult. Additionally, Greece's current finacial position is kind of abysmal. Unless the governemt can cut back on corruption and tax evasion, a Greek currency valued near the British Pound, American Dollar or Euro is a pipe dream.

Furthermore, EU regulations apparent demand to override national ones at all times shot your economy to bits, since higher import taxation would avoided your farmer thing. Why Greece has low import tax on non-EU perishable goods is a mystery, however. Occupy all the places!

You are right about those things, but I am going to say that getting a score of less than 100% is a sign of evilness. By definition, a free country doesn't regulate what consenting adults do in the privacy of their home. This applies to both of the options you omitted.
The drug and consent ones are more of sign of low level 'for the greater good'. Which isn't a good position, since it makes you more usable. Or something like that.
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