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Default Re: Electronic Companies

It's biased to have Intel on the poll but not their competitor AMD.

Since you can't pick more than one option on the poll, I might as well put my choices here.

Favorite PC Manufacturer: China
HP, Lenovo, Acer... they're all basically the same thing. With the exception of Asus, who makes their own barebones, the actual base for the computer is made by one of a couple companies overseas in China (Compal and MSI are the two I remember off the top of my head), and the components themselves are made by various companies such as Intel, AMD, nVidia, etc.

Favorite CPU Manufacturer: AMD
Yes, Intel's chips are faster. But faster != better. My Gateway NV55S05u, with its AMD A8-3500 processor, cost $480 and can run a number of heavy-duty games at moderate settings without lagging. To get the same with an Intel chip, you'd have to drop at least $700 as you need to get a dedicated graphics card. AMD's made the better balanced system that's perfect for consumer customers. Their desktop lines are starting to reach striking distance of Intel as well--the Bulldozer architecture (The FX series) could beat out comparable Intel i7s in some areas, and an overclocked FX processor set the world record for fastest CPU speed. Also, if you're someone who's concerned about business ethics, Intel used bribes and coercion to keep AMD's Opteron processor out of servers (and AMD out of computers in general) for years until they were caught in 2006.

Favorite GPU Manufacturer: AMD
This one was hard to pick. I'd be perfectly fine with either an AMD or nVidia card in a PC--both have excellent performance and you can't go wrong with either one. For me, though, AMD wins by a small margin since you can crossfire most of their cards with an AMD APU (one of their processors with the good integrated graphics) and most of them are cheaper and more energy-efficient than their comparable nVidia competitors. AMD's Catayst driver is also very easy to use compared to nVidia's. Also, gotta love an underdog. ATI would have gone under if AMD hadn't bought it.

In case you can't tell, I like AMD. They were nearly run out of business by Intel, took a huge gamble by purchasing ATI, and had it pay off big as they used ATI's GPU technology to create value-priced, balanced APU's. Only about 1% of computer users actually need Intel's blazing-fast chips. But we all need good graphics performance, and AMD delivers that in spades.

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