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*coughcough Loonyland3donations coughcough*

No, but seriously, a place to donate for a new 3D game (diabaka max, anyone?) would be good. Well, I guess we all could all just go and buy some purple cards...

OR how about Jamul somehow gets into a Humble Indie Bundle with Loonyland 1 (no Linux but at least LL1 has Mac...) and with whatever he makes from that he could attempt to get the software he needs. Plus he gets more publicity, which is good no matter what. I hope he comments on this, though, because to I have no idea how hard it is to get onto a HIB or how much money he would make. Doesn't that require Steam, too? I know there is some reason why he doesn't want his games on Steam.

Anyways, that probably wouldn't work out...but think of the Loonyland 3... :C

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