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Default Re: Maybe Jamul should use Kickstarter for a new LL or Adventure of Bouapha

I know what he could do.

We could all be in the game, and everyone would donate a little bit so he could pay for music and such for the actual game itself, then he starts making it.

It could be sorta like HamPlat (gee, sorry for referencing it, becuase everyone gets crazy mad when I slightly mention it I LOVED THAT GAME OKAY)

Except it would have fighting and a huge storyline and everything.
It would be online, and you would have to have a hamumu account to log-in.

Here's My Ideas:

- Player(s) [Health20|Height1]
- Pig [Health2|Height1|DropPork]
- Cow [Health5|Height1|DropBeef_Leather_Milk]
- Sheep [Health4|Height1|DropWool]
- Zoid [Health 3|Height1|DropXP|LivesWater_Air]
- Mumble [Health 2|Height1|DropToiletPaper_XP|LivesDarkness5-]
- Zombie [Health 4|Height1|DropFeather|LivesDarkness3-]
- The Thing [Health 10|Height3Width3|DropXP_Thingies|LivesLava]
- Sven [Health 15|Height5Width2|DropXP_Icicles|LivesSnow]

finish it later.
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