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Default Re: Maybe Jamul should use Kickstarter for a new LL or Adventure of Bouapha

EDIT: Oh, and of course Kid Mystic 2 is another possibility that's been talked about.

Well anyway, having seen some more indie Kickstarter projects out there, I get the unfortunate feeling that Jamul might have an unhill battle out there. Double Fine and inXile (Wasteland 2) are big-name, well-known companies, with stuff that people REALLY want, so that's probably why they're the exception to the rule.

HOWEVER, that being said, I think Jamul could pull it off if he kept the amount low (Maybe a few thousand, to get started?), he got the word out, he gave good incentives for donating, and we did our part. Despite Jamul's laziness, Hamumu has a good track record for at least creating things, so it's not like people would be donating to some unknown induhvidual.

But to create inventive to give, I think Jamul would want to give away copies of his games with certain levels of donation. (That is, the people could get the game as long as the full amount was reached on time; otherwise, nothing would exchange digital hands, so to speak.) Standard amount seems to be $15 bucks, so maybe upping that to $20 (as a "special" price for backers) and giving away a copy of Mia's Happy Day or a Costume Party Pack (worth $5) and providing one's name in the credits might add a level of credibility and seriousness to the project. For $30 or 35, maybe you could get the game/name in credits + $10 game (Costume Party Creator's Pass or Amazin' SPISPOPD or Eddie Galaxy or something else) $40 or 50 could get you game/name in credits + $20 game (Kid Mystic or Loonyland or Sleepless Hollow or Dr. Lunatic[if you really don't want to fork over an extra 10 for SwC]). And maybe 60 or 70 could get you game/name in credits + SwC or LL2:CE.

Presumably, too, the more you donate, the more boni (plural of bonus ) are offered. T-shirts, medals, extra games, a special mini-game for those who donated. 100 or 120 gets you good stuff + DRM-free soundtrack (he'd bring back Brent Christensen) + a small Yerfdog plushie. You know how well that would sell?! And higher and higher with more good stuff, into the hundreds and maybe even thousands. I'm sure you guys can think of plenty of reward ideas. Original drawings, lavish t-shirts, enormous posters, etc.

Of course, I very much doubt this will happen. Jamul probably doesn't want to take this kind of chance financially, as he appears to prefer the freedom of using Flash and Actionscript and working with the Boys people, and I don't really blame him too much. However, the chance of finishing this saga feels like it's slipping away with each year nothing new happens to Bouapha or Loony, so having at least one final game to wrap things up (even though it would mess with the original plot, I think) would be satisfying.

(Oh, and Jamul may not want the possibility to feel the wrath of us if he does not finish the game. We all know heads would roll for providing money and not receiving anything for it.)

If the word gets out, people who were once really enthusiastic but seem to have fallen by the wayside (Atkins, Coolguy, Mr. O, etc.) might be pulled back in. That's no the main purpose here, of course - we want a game in the style of the Hamumu Best-Sellers (unless there's an easier way) - but it would be a potential positive side effect.
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