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Default Re: Maybe Jamul should use Kickstarter for a new LL or Adventure of Bouapha

>Post thread in Total Mayhem
>Complain about lack of relavent discussion.

Anyhow, I don't see this working. The next Kickstarter down from the ones you mention in your first post are an iPhone dock, and The Order of the Stick reprint drive. I'll focus on the Order of the Stick thingy, since it's closest to your idea thing I guess. In a month, it made about 1.25 million. The two other entertainment products above it made or will make much more than that. This is with a fairly large fanbase and within that, a large demand for reprints.

Not to be cynical, but Hamumu's fanbase is tiny compared to that. I don't think Jamul has the widespread audience to pull a Kickstarter off. Also, rowing boats. He's making more from his own flash work and Boy's Life commission type work (yes I'll call it that) than he used to making big games. This is by his own admission.
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