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Default Your first time playing Minecraft?

Hello Hamumians!
In 'dis thread, post your first time you played minecraft, what you did, what influenced you to get minecraft, when you got minecraft, your newbie moments, etc etc.

First time hearing Minecraft:
It all started on hamumu, when Kerma posted "Minecraft" in the Non-Hamumu Games forum.
First time playing The Free Version:
I got onto and got over to the free version.
It ranged from 0-1 fps, so of course a Creeper blew me up.
About a month later, I asked wedxzas "I wanna play minecraft dude"
so he was like "click on multi-player under classic"
And I went there, and headed over to a server called "Just another minecraft server" (This server is the only thing we thought was classic :P)
I got on, did /goto wedxzas's home (Which of course, brought me to Wedxzas's 64x64x128 (256?) Flat world.) I couldn't build, bc it's his world, and it wasn't until later that we found out how to give permission to other people to build in your home.
Anywho, I did /home (Which brought me to MY 64x64x128 (256?) Flat world.) I was like "woah, blocks" and basically was being all noobish.
My first time in survival I built a log house. Wow. And thought a skeleton was a 'Ghast'
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