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Default Happy New Year's Eve

What is everyone doing.

We're doing our Traditional New Year's Eve party, where we have LOTS of food and drink and we become stuffed and then we blow our noise whistle things at Midnight. watching the new years parade I guess.

Some things we have:
Variety of Crackers
Crab Cheeseball
Various Cracker Dips
Various Veggie Dips
Variety of Cheeses
Pieces of Summer Sausage
Mini Chocolate-chip cookies (TOONS)
Mini Cheesecakes (made in the size of muffins/cupcakes)
Variety of Soda
Nacho Cheese Sauce
Variety of Chips
Tortilla Chips
Veggies (carrots, celery, bok choy (aka chinese cabbage), broccoli, etc.)
Mini Pigs-in-a-blanket
Sausage Balls
Pizza Balls
Mini Tacos

i think I listed 90% of the stuff we're having.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Hopefully 2013 won't be as bad as 2012!
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