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Default Re: Calthax's Quiz Game III

Originally Posted by RandomCommander View Post
No it doesn't!

The Roman numeral system doesn't go from I to II to III to IIII to IIIII!

It goes from I to II to III to IV to V! Do not get mind-controlled by the boneheads!

Originally Posted by hyperme View Post
5. Someone who owes me 50.

Wrong, its a pony
It does for me

5 - Who is Princess Luna?

6 - What is a Changeling?

New Rule:

Please do not make your own quiz game with my name on the title, cause that's like copying mine.

This quiz game might be closing soon.

5 - I don't know
6 - I don't know.

Quiz Game IV is to come out on May 3rd. 2013

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