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Default Mafia 27: Amulet Mafia

Role PMs in the process of being sent. Please reply with a confirm.

Welcome to Amulet Mafia. Every player starts off with a number of amulets, which give powerful abilities to players. Each player may PM other players once the game starts and discuss matters of importance. Any player may give any number of their amulets to another player by PMing the target and me. Make sure you PM me so I can keep track of how many amulets each player has. Be warned though: the mafia will try to use trickery to gain amulets and you must be careful! The nights will be extra long to allow for discussion and negotiations.

- Megadog
- Boneheads
- Pewskeepski
- Wedxzas
- Texasjoshua
- RandomCommander
- seamonkey

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