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Default IC: Huge Mafia

One of the problems with mafia right now is that only a handful of people play it. That's fine for mafia on IRC, but forum mafia needs a lot of people playing it. What I'm proposing here is a large game of mafia that we encourage people to play in. We'd need upwards of 20 people.

The system that comes to mind first is this:

Each person playing must send me a certain amount of yerfbucks (assuming I'm hosting). This would be a requirement of playing so that there's a reason to play other than simply for fun: the winning team would get the entire pool.

After enough people have signed up, I'd get them to send me the Yerfbucks, and then the game would start. It would be a vanilla game with a posted role list and descriptions of each role. New players would be encouraged to join in, so anything else would deter that.

The rules would be simple and strict, including lurking rules. Lurkers would likely be modkilled.
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