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Default Mafia 28 - Expeditious Mafia

Hi there!

This time around, it's gonna be a bit different. The game consists of these roles: Cop, Random Cop, Naive Cop, Paranoid Cop, Insane Cop and 1 Mafia.

Everything else is normal. You still VOTE:______ this way, UNVOTE: this way, and use your night actions through PM.

Players (alive):
  • Texasjoshua
  • Julian
  • Seamonkey
  • Gigacat
  • Megadog
  • Hyperme
Players (dead):
  • Nobody
  • RandomCommander
Role PMs will be sent out shortly. Be sure to confirm your role once you receive them; if you don't get one, tell me!

Also, due to an unexpected thing that's come up, I'm going to need someone to host from the 23rd and onward. Sorry!
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