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Default Mafia 30: My Little Mafia

Oh noes! The evil Nightmare has infiltrated the town and is planning on using the Citadel of Eclipse to bring about Eternal Night. And the Elements of Harmony have to redeem Discord this week!

However, hope is not lost. With the Harmonic Resonator, you still have a chance to defeat Nightmare. If you don't, Eternal Night will fall. Which will, in the long term, kill everyone.

Rules and Stuff:

During day, you may talk to find the people chosen to be Followers of Nightmare. You may vote for a person you think is bad, like this;


Take away a vote like this;


The first person to have a majority of votes each day will be placed in the Harmonic Resonator. Due to a minor technical fault, Harmonic overdosing will occur on non-evil ponies, meaning a trip to hospital.

Talking at night is forbidden. Vote changes after a majority is reached will be ignored.

All players get a last gasp.



Roles will now be given out. Please remember to confirm your role via PM.
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