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Default Speedruns

As of late I've been getting to doing speedruns of various games. As it turns out, it's actually quite popular and there are a couple big communities built around running (SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are the two big ones).

I started doing runs back around May or so, and I've been doing various games that I really enjoy playing.

My current Personal Bests: (no links since I have a tendency to swear a lot when I play games)
Pokemon Blue any% glitchless single-segment: 2:18
Magicka any% single-segment: 55:16 (Was WR for about a week or so)
Electronic Super Joy any% single-segment- 48:47

I'm also learning to run Metroid Prime at the moment, and might look into doing runs of Hamumu games at some point.

But yeah, if anybody else does or is interested in doing runs, feel free to post your times here. Could maybe even set up races sometime if we run the same games.

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