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Default Halloween Horror 14 - Vote for Names

It is time! The names to choose from are below. Just send a private message to me with with the subject line "HH14 Votes". In your message, you get to list 5 favorite names. Here are the twists:
  1. Only one of the names can be your own.
  2. Order doesn't matter, except the FIRST one you list should be your absolute favorite. It gets 3 votes. Your other choices get 1 vote each.
  3. The first on your list can NOT be one of your own.
  4. BONUS! You can add a "least favorite" after your list (separate it so I don't get confused). One name. That name will get one NEGATIVE vote.
  5. Send in your votes before September 30th!
  6. If you break any rules, none of your votes will count!
  7. The top 9 vote-getters will be the level names used for this year's Halloween Horror worlds.
  8. You win 10 Yerfbucks for each name of yours that is chosen.
  9. Ordinarily names submitted by people who don't vote are not considered for inclusion, but since we have so few names, I'm not going to do that - we can't really afford to lose any. However, to encourage the name submitters to vote, although your name will be included in the final list of chosen names for the actual world build, you will be ineligible to win the 10 YB for submitting the winning name(s) if you don't vote.
  10. To encourage others to vote, if there should be any prize that is unclaimable because of rule #9, those YB will be awarded to a randomly chosen non-name-suggesting voter.
  11. Feel free to discuss the voting in this thread if you want! But remember, send your votes by PM.
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