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Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
To get more serious to the point...

Youtube and Google are both data-miners. They get these little bits of information about you and form a profile about you. Be very careful because they can sometimes take control of your camera when you don't even know it, and take a picture of you. "Why would they do that", you ask, well I don't quite know, but one of the reasons would be to do personal spamming. I think there might be a connection between Google and Youtube. But I could be wrong. Everytime you make a search on Google or Youtube, it's recorded by the US goverment. I don't know why they would make such a big deal out of a person searching for a site but that's the system they have. From your point .Blue Dwarf., they asked you for your real name, you denied but they just didn't leave you alone. What they were trying to do, is make a profile of you.

Another thing is, never believe what they say. They will just lie to get you into a false sense of security.
Youtube/Google wants you to use your real name because Google is trying to connect all of its services - by using your real name it's trying connecting your Google+ account to your Youtube profile.

And yes, there is a connection between Google and Youtube: Google owns Youtube.

As to data mining... I very much doubt the US government tracks all of your searches. Even if they did it's far too much data to go though considering how many people use the Internet and how many Google searches are run a day. Google, as with many sites and search engines, however, does data mine to sell your information to advertisers and give you more "personalized" ads.

As far as "taking control of your webcam" goes... That's easily the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I've ever heard. Are some browsers capable of controlling your webcam if you give them permission do do so? Yes. But doing so with browser plugins has been around for many, many years without concerns, and realistically there isn't much (if anything) Google can gain from watching their users. Google is a company, their goal is to make profit. There isn't much profit to be made maintaining infrastructure to watch millions of people at a time use their computers.

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