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I disagree with you on that point, lets take a retrospect view of Google,
Google started off as one of those companies where people could post what in their opinions may seem like government doing wrong and pictures of political wrong doings. Google at that time was doing the right thing by exposing Political immoral wrong doings. Back then Google was actually being fair with members by not exposing their real identities. But, the government caught on to them and told them that he would give money to them if they expose the real identities of their users. Google gladly accepted and all those poor people either got sent to Jail or even worse. From there on Google is a government controlled search engine. They do as you said, personal spamming to individuals but deep down inside, they are also looking for people who tell the truth. Telling the truth is a hard thing to do now in days because you could either get Jailed or as I said, even worse for pointing out wrong doings which high officials may be aware of but don't care.
As for the camera, Google can take control of your camera! Google uses the camera to see your expressions when you're looking on a site or at a product for sale. Your expression would tell Google whether this page bores you or it makes you happy. And as I said before the camera is used to take a picture of you.

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