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Originally Posted by .Blue Dwarf. View Post
I'm no expert on the subject, but I'm going to make some points anyway:

Google started off as a search engine. People went there to look stuff up and find websties, they didn't go there to discuss, accuse, or anything of the sort. Google didn't expose any wrongdoings.

[citation needed]

This point also seems slightly irrelevant. Google could easily sell the government info about you, Google knows who you are. There is no logical reason for Google to expose your identity publically for the purpose of selling it to the Government. Just sell them the info, and no one would ever notice. And the info, I forgot what site I got if from.

Who went to jail? Did they go to jail for "telling the truth" or because they violated contracts they signed or even broke laws?

Cite your sources please, or at least give a specific example. You say these things happen, but you refuse to give any proof.

Same issues as before. You say more words, but you don't really add anything.

Sonicchaos explained his views on this. Your response basically completely ignores what he said, and restates your earlier claim. (With the added bogusness that they watch your facial expressions to see what you are thinking.)

All in all, you talk big. You say a lot of stuff. But you don't back ANY of it up. Virtually everything you say is pretty much false, and it's that specificity in being wrong that leads to the accusation of trolling.

Where are you getting your info? They are leading you astray. There are things to be mad about, the government isn't perfect, but this is just ridiculousness (In my opinion, as I said I am no expert. I don't hold all the info. But for the time being, the burden of proof lies on you)

Don't worry about not feeling safe. Well, you should be worried if you don't feel safe. That's some serious paranoia there. Nobody is out to get you, nobody is going to hunt you down for saying these things on the internet. Again, where ever you are getting this info, they are leading you down the wrong path.
Well okay, I think you got a point there, maybe I got Google mixed up with some other website. Well anyway, I admit I think I seriously went of course here. Do you know what, just forget what I said, I got too paranoid about the whole camera thing. And the info, I forgot what site I got it from, oh well... But hold on, maybe I can find it again. Oh, do you know what, just please completely disregard and forget of what I just said in the posts, I was shooting my mouth off without checking my sources.

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