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Default Creeper World III: Arc Eternal

So the demo for a game I've been waiting over a year for just got released over twitter:
EDIT: Trailer for those who'd like to see before downloading something:

If you like strategy/tower defense (Definitely NOT you standard tower defense!) then you should check this game out. Even if you hate tower defense, this is different enough that you should check it out anyway! There are mini-creeper world games in flash version avaiable on Kongregate, as well as full versions available on Knuckle Cracker's website if you find you enjoy the game.

The full game will be released in a few days.
As if October wasn't already an awesome enough month, now THIS! I'm so excited, words cannot describe...
Well, they probably could, but what am I? A poet? Pfaw!

Just check it out!

Now, enough typing. Time to play!
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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