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Default Bring Horrifying Entertainment

This is a pseudo-BHE event! Wow!

There will be no prizes... Or maybe there will be some yerfbucks for whoever suggests the best game (as rated by us dumb folks!)

Suggest a horror game that we can play. Preferably free, or having a free demo at least. Though all games are welcome.

Pseudo-Rules: You would be well advised to follow these!
1. Keep suggestions Hamumu Appropriate. Blood and guts are fine, cursing and sex less so!
That includes linking to Hamumu-inappropriate websites. If your game can't be accessed any other way, perhaps just give a name and a warning about the site.
2. All entries must be in before October 24th, when a poll might be put up to see what the dumb folk thought was best/most scary.
3. Ummm... More pseudo-rules to come? I wasn't going to make this official, but it seemed to good to lay the groundwork for it to be. And make sure no one gets in trouble by posting inappropriate content.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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