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People do not care at all about their morals or honor or anything on the internet because it is anonymous.

In small communities like this, even though it is still more or less anonymous, some of those values are put back into place because people care about their reputation to the others in the community. (Not to mention, there are rules in place to eject those who are too rowdy... Which is probably more the reason why things are nice here :P)

On the rest of the internet though, all bets are off.

You've got people who are terrible people, you've got people who are just angry or having a bad day. you've got people who 'pretend' to be awful so they can laugh at how silly you are for believing them...
It's a mess. There are some folks who try to do good, or at least behave, too. But you wouldn't take note of people acting "properly" you'd mostly take note of things that offend or shock you, so the scales can sometimes seem more tipped than they actually are.

Either way, they're just internet folk. Ignore the ones you don't like, if you try to confront them you're going to have a bad time, and probably not going to change anything.
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