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I think with the growing number of women playing Video and/or computer games, we should have more positive women characters in our games, and also female game developers in studios. I find that the Game Industry has turned into something rather degrading, bleak, sad, and man powered. It's just dirty. I am seeing a growing popularity in games such as Heavy Rain, Grand Theft Auto, and other games along the same genre.

WARNING: Those games are highly 18+ rated, they'll demoralize you before you know it.

Women play a roll in these games as slaves, I think it's highly sexist of them. None of them play an important roll.

My point is, I think we should stop this masculine and sexist way of game production. We should be something more above this! By positive characters, I mean having being the hero, or something similar. And lastly, we should have a totally different view point, the one we have is quite corrupted.

I think we should move a step back before creating these grotesque and vulgar games.

And I also think we must apply this to movies. It really gets old, annoying and just plain stupid in my opinion, watching the reboot of Man Of Steal, Elysium, and others, just made me loathe them more then ever! If you watched them, you'd see what I mean.

It's just disgusting and demoralizing of what the film industry, mainstream game industry, and other's are doing.

What I really hate the most, is their hypocriticism, so it's suddenly bad to see religion being portrayed in it's true (real but bad) self in a game, but when women characters get degraded, no one says a boo, or charges them with Humanitarian Fees.

That ideology is what shapes society today, and I say it's getting old really quickly.

I would say, we should stand up for what is right, not some "man in power" or some other system which I can't remember the word for.
Okay, I'm going quite of course here, but you get the point...
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