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Default The Ao Oni and Fan Game Series


Please be warned that some of these games can be gory and a few can have swearing in them. This is not for the faint of heart. No one is responsible for your nightmares or shock beyond this point. You have been warned. Please tread these sites with caution. It will be your own fault if you don't listen!
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Hello all, I recently discovered some very, if I may, fun and challenging horror games. Really, all of them are free. I thought I would share them with you.

The first one I stumbled accross, which one of my friends insisted I play, was Ao Oni...
Ao Oni basically means Blue Demon in Japanese. The plot goes as follows:

You play as Hiroshi, a highschooler, who decides to go on a spine-chilling adventure with his friends, to discover whether the rumours were true, about there being a blue demon inside. Obviously it was correct. Now the quadrio must escape flesh eating monsters who want to do nothing more, then kill them. In this game Hiroshi must solve puzzles, survive chases, and get out alive.

I hope some of you here enjoy the original Ao Oni game and some of the fan games. It's really cool.

What I find most prominent in Japanese, and Korean games, is the same pattern goes on and on. Everybody dies, nobody makes a profit.

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