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Default Re: The Ao Oni and Fan Game Series

The Ao Oni series is personally my favourite in Japanese horror, you can't go wrong with it. Although there is a very small variety of 1st class games, and a very huge variety of 2nd and 3rd class games, I personally go for novelty, then quantity.

The Ao Oni series certainly has a unique aspect to it. It's not so tedious as you have no idea to solve the puzzles, neither is it so easy, that you can pass the game over and over again.

The main antagonist Hiroshi, certainly has a very narrow view of what we understand and know in life. Making such an assumption such as, "It's Scientifically Impossible", is very intellectually lazy of him. Considering that he is a high school student.

There are so many things we do not know in life, such as, why do the magnetic polls flip, or why were the ancient people coming up with such complicated stories, when by conventional Historians, they didn't know how to write.

I personally take upon Ao Oni has having some kind of hidden message in it. I hope this is a good conversation starter!
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