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Default Re: Mathematical Mafia

I decided early on that N64Lord was my prime suspect. More on a whim than anything, but the evidence began piling up soon. TJ got added to that later.

I am quite happy with my Day 4 call:
Originally Posted by .Blue Dwarf. View Post
while I doubt the mafia is tied to only acting on magic numbers I still have to think they must be involved somehow, perhaps the specifics of WHO acts is based on the number, Goon1 acts on evens, Goon2 acts on odds, and perhaps if one dies he assumes the other's ability so he can still act indefinately.

With THAT in mind, and because I'm making wild accusations this game; it could be N64Lord is Goon1, and TJ is Goon2... That theory aligns with what little evidence I have, but it is truly little evidence. It also aligns with MD's findings of TJ having no action, which again is weak evidence at best
As such, I certainly wouldn't vote on it, but that's my current best guess of how things are.

SM started making me feel really uneasy midway through the game though.

Despite my day actions which were a bit crazy, my night actions remained clear. My first goal was to roleblock N64Lord whenever I had the chance. Then once he got lynched, I set about roleblocking TJ.
Bit of good luck and some intuition went to work there.

Here's the night game for me to help illustrate how doomed the mafia was:
Night 1:
Protect seamonkey. Nightkill Proof.

Night 2:
Protect seamonkey. Roleblock N64Lord.

Night 3:
Sleeping. No action. Megadog died due to my own inactivity (Negative 3 was a powerful number for protection, I could magnetize and doctor the same person automatically blocking any kill action. Oh well. RIP megadog.)

Night 4:
Roleblock N64Lord
N64Lord got lynched.

Night 5 (or 6, as the game posts say. I got confused here trying to type this post):
Roleblock TJ

Night 6:
Magnetize TJ (Essentially a roleblock in this case)

Night 7:

Night 8:
Roleblock TJ. Nightkill Proof.

Pretty much had the mafia locked down with roleblocks the whole game.
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